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Wonderful minds are also forgetful.

How embarrassing. My girlfriends and I were having a lovely morning, coffee and orange juice blended with catching up on everyone’s movements around the world all set of to perfection through being able to watch the passing parade of pretty young things looking gorgeous in the latest fashions. Long legs, short skirts and flat tummies although as one of us commented, ‘she’ll look just like us one day!’ And we all did look like that once.

It wasn’t until a couple of hours later when R texted me apologising for not paying for the coffee and juice that I realised I had also done a runner leaving the F & S to pay our share. I couldn’t believe I had been so vague as to forget such an obvious thing but when one of my friends said to blame it on a senior moment I began to wonder whether my forgetfulness was a sign of menopause. So I googled memory loss and menopause and if I wasn’t confused before I am now. It seems that according to some writers I can blame a lot on menopause including temporary memory loss and forgetfulness whilst other sites indicate that this isn’t a symptom of hormonal imbalance at all.  Determined not to let this happen again I wondered how I could avoid being so vague and it seems that with a couple of simple activities this problem can be alleviated.

Sleep 8 hours a day sounds so easy but I cannot remember doing this since I was about 18 years old. If you aren’t having sex at that age, you are dreaming about it, then along come three children, mortgages, a husband who goes through employment and midlife problems, divorce, teenage children, and unemployment. There may have been a few years when there wasn’t something happening in my life to intrude on my sleep but I could count the years on my fingers. Unless I resort to drugs I still wake up at 3 am with my heart thumping and feeling hot all over. Sleeping tablets are an option but from previous experience I tend to adversely react and become completely zonked out for about 48 hours.

Activate the brain was another puzzling piece of advice as once I am awake at 3 am there isn’t much to do but lie there thinking about replanting my garden, putting a pool in and renovating my kitchen and bathroom. This is much more fun than counting sheep and I never seem to empty the bank balance.

Eating well is easy particularly as I found a site that recommended coffee to activate the brain and chocolate for well being so there is no excuse not to have that espresso and after-dinner chocolate with a whiskey thrown in for good measure.

Lastly reduce stress is laughable when at the moment I am coping with removalists and packers on both sides of the world, negotiating with suppliers of telecommunications, gas, power and water in the UK and Australia in addition to pacifying a husband who hates the thought of returning to Australia with no sign of employment for himself or me.

None of the above options either appeal or are possible so I have decided to follow the advice contained in my photo; I am going to look for a good bar, order a glass of champagne and watch the roses grow which in this part of the world are looking particularly stunning due to the glorious spring weather we are experiencing.


Okay guys, this post is for my girlfriends, so read it at your peril.

Menopause.  There it is, I had to spit the word out quickly as the very thought horrifies me. Only a man would dream up such a name for a female condition. There is no way I am going to let what is happening to my body put a pause to my sex life. I adore my gorgeous husband so take your paws somewhere else as I am not stopping my enjoyment of life.

As my children know, it isn’t easy for me to admit I am getting older, and although we can use all manner of creative techniques to delay aging including colouring our hair and Botox (neither of which I am doing, but may consider both soon) I haven’t read of a technique for preventing or delaying Menopause. There is no point complaining about the effects with my husband A as he looks at me blankly and just says he is glad he is a bloke so I am using this page as an opportunity to whinge to my friendIs this what I will look like after menopause?s.  In fact he did sweetly suggest that I might end up like this beautiful cat I saw lounging in the sun, plump, relaxed, purring happily but ever ready to swipe you with her claws should you be tempted to stroke her soft fur.

I have been doing my research into what the symptoms are and how best to cope with them. It is amazing how many pages there are on this rotten situation, and as expected there seem to be plenty of support sites and blogs for American women, but other than a couple of professional sites I didn’t run across any being run by Australian women so I am putting word to paper and hope this might start something for us.

I am going to be really honest here, surprising really as I haven’t even told my local GP what I have been experiencing. Not that it is bad all the time but I have had the horrible nights when you wake up with a racing heart and getting hot all over but thank goodness, no night sweats and wet sheets. Having been skinny all my life I am not sure I can blame the dryer for the way my jeans are feeling tight around the thighs. Well the advice columns all say you have to restrict your alcohol and coffee intake so I guess I could drink one less glass of wine at night but I am damned if I will give up my morning coffee and I would miss my espresso and whiskey after dinner. I will balance this out by doing more exercise, easy to do at the moment in London where you have to walk everywhere, and I will just work harder on the exercise bike.

If I am not drinking alcohol then at least I am moisturising my skin with extra water, but it is the other side effect of menopause I hate. I find myself skulking down the aisles of the pharmacy looking for moisturisers for you know…’down there’.  I think there is a niche market for a female moisturiser that you can use for the ‘real you’. Vaginal dryness – that is why it is called men-o-pause! Ouch. Who thinks that a mentholated, chilli or even strawberry flavoured lubricant is what I want when I go to bed with my husband? Thank you guys, I have already had the salad as the entree this is my dessert. I would rather use my virgin olive oil.

Enough from me. Talk soon. I am off to run up and down the seven flights of stairs in our building.