Dampened spirits

Not even cyclonic rain can disturb a cat nap.

Not even cyclonic rain can disturb a cat nap.

I love this cyclonic weather because I don’t need an excuse to settle down with a good book I just have to fight Colin the Cat for the most comfortable chair and believe me, he is a good fighter.

Sitting looking out at the dense clouds covering the hills I occasionally feel sorry for my daughter-in-law with two small children to entertain but, been there done that with 8 weeks of solid tropical rain immediately after my third baby was born. My entire house was covered in play dough and wet washing.

drier days

drier days

I wish I had an umbrella - Feathers cannot withstand cyclonic rains

I wish I had an umbrella – Feathers cannot withstand cyclonic rains

Now I look out through wet windows at my garden where the flowers are drooping from the heavy downpour and the figs are beginning to get soggy skins and a tiny flash of colour catches my eye. There, sheltering under our awning beside the feeder that attracts them each morning, is a small very wet lorikeet. It looks miserable and very very sodden. I am glad it has had the sense to shelter there and wonder where the rest of its flock have disappeared to.

Colin is bored; he stretches out, digging his claws into my lap. He is looking around for an ankle to bite, disdainful of the cat nuts that have probably gone soggy by now. Don’t worry little bird I will keep the cat inside so that he doesn’t see you and tomorrow I promise there will be honey and bread for you as usual.

Morning feeding battle

Morning feeding battle

1 thought on “Dampened spirits

  1. La Contessa

    DO you know I have never seen a LORIKEET!Poor little thing all drenched from the rain…………..what BEAUTY you have all around you with these BIRDS!Do they sing…….I would imagine something very beautiful!



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