The Treasurer and the Cat

Alert to the situation

Alert to the situation

There was some dissension around the food bowl when the Treasurer commented recently on the price of cat food and the Minister for Home Affairs decided that the Treasurer had lost touch with the cat on the street and the cost of living. So the Minister sent said Treasurer off to become he who hunts for the family.

‘I can do that,’ said the Treasurer, ‘I used to do this singlehandedly.’

‘Sure, 16 years ago,’ MHA replied.

It wasn’t a difficult task, only 5 items on the list; so off the Treasurer went to joust with other similar souls to ensure he got the best deal possible for the Exchequer. Soon he returned, muttering about joining the Grexit.

‘You don’t get much for under $70 do you,’ he said. ‘However, I got a good deal on shampoo so I won’t have to use your very expensive brand. Life was much simpler 16 years ago when I could buy the one shampoo and know what I was using. Now, I am confused by a plethora of choices.’

He held up a bottle of Head and Shoulders, smooth and silky. The Treasurer cast me an arch glance. ‘Now when you are stroking me, just don’t confuse me with the cat.’

Totally relaxed

Totally relaxed

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