Generosity of spirit

Well done to Lincoln Sherlock who showed by his quick response to an emergency situation that he is a selfless and brave man. Even more so, as once he had saved this man’s life, he left the scene beside the Brisbane River without seeking to be noticed.

Recently I saw a young girl pull up in a car and rush to ask an elderly man if he was okay as he leant puffing and heaving against a light pole on the side of busy Kelvin Grove Road. Another young girl passing by also stopped to see whether he needed assistance. It was heartening to watch.

Realistically very few of us are placed into a situation where they save a life but during our day kindness doesn’t have to be so dramatic. A smile, a greeting and a gesture of friendship or assistance without expectation of reward are what create a good society to live in.

A delicious goat cheese from Le Fromage YardOn the week-end I bought some cheese from two young people, Stephanie and Pierre who have started a small business. I like their cheeses and I like them so I sought them out at the market. After purchasing the cheese, Stephanie placed another small goat’s cheese into my bag. I am becoming a regular customer of Le Fromage Yard and this generous act was much appreciated.

I don’t think generosity of spirit means that you have to offer a gift that costs money. It can be a simple genuine act of spontaneous friendship, kindness or thoughtfulness. The pleasure the person receiving this act should be sufficient and because happiness is infective it will make the giver and the receiver feel happy.

Rarely do you have the opportunity to return the gesture, rather, you pay back that generous act not to that person but to another individual because most people respond to kindness and want to reciprocate. Pay it forward, as the saying goes. You will never know what effect small acts of generosity of spirit may have; such as letting a car move in front of you when waiting to get into the carpark. I am willing to bet however, that it will have a ripple effect on those around you.

4 thoughts on “Generosity of spirit

  1. Susan Crane

    Well said, Susie. I miss you and the other brocante babes. Roz is in Giverny as we speak, doing some painting.


    1. lorikeetlady Post author

      Hello Susan,
      Thank you for reading my article. Yes, it would be nice to see our community thinking of others more often than we do. How are you and what are your plans for your summer? We are in the middle of a very cold period (for Brisbane) where all along the eastern coast we are getting cool temperatures, gale force winds which are bring down trees and snow to parts of the inland that never usually get sleet or snow. No where near as bad as what you often get during your winter but our houses haven’t been built to climate control regulations so I have a cold breeze slipping under my doors and through the joins between windows. Otherwise beautiful sunny days and clear blue skies make it a joyous time in Brisbane.


  2. iolacontessa

    ROZ is in GIVERNY!!!!!!!!
    YOU and I are on the same wavelength.Being kind to strangers has a ripple effect…………….
    Yesterday my mailman waved to me.I was blocks away from my house in my car but I thought to myself NOT MANY GET A WAVE FROM THEIR MAIL CARRIER.
    It was a good feeling.I make contact with him and I always gift him a small something at the Holidays…………heck he knows who we are by our mail better then most neighbors!


    1. lorikeetlady Post author

      I love your posties! I wouldn’t recognise my postie which zips around on a small motorcycle as he or she is covered up in sun proof gear down to their wrists with hats on and visors. They drop the mail into the box and disappear. I was amazed to see our postie in Los Angeles walk up to our neigbour’s door and slip it through a slot or sometimes even knock on the door to say hi! Your instagram visit sounded wonderful and just so amazing. I can understand your boys’ reaction but heck you have to trust your judgement sometimes and have fun.



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