Vietnam War and the music

We enjoyed the Rolling Thunder Vietnam concert drama at QPAC last night. The cast did a great performance representing the guys and girls affected by this war accompanied by the terrific music played by the band. I spent my teens listening to this music, that took us through the gamut of angry protests against war, political lyrics, soul mixed with blues and rhythm. By the end of the concert we were dancing in the rows.

Helo dropI kept nudging my husband asking, ‘Do you remember this one?’

‘Some, not all. Occasionally we would have to tell the guys in camp to lower the volume because it was too easy to find us.’

‘If you can’t remember it you weren’t there?  Spaced out?’ was my unkind response.

‘Nope, working to darn hard; we would come back for a meal and a beer, go back to our tent, put on earphones, listen to a little music before passing out from exhaustion.’

Prang I accepted the gentle chastisement. This was true and he had been through as much as anyone had in Vietnam but not to know and feel that this music was in his blood.

How could he not know the lyrics and rhythms? ‘I bet your sister knew these songs.’

‘Probably, she was vehemently opposed to the war.  Made lively dinner table conversation when I was home on leave.’

Of course, headphones – ‘Light bulb moment’. Andy has always loved classical music, and despite the damage to his hearing from his military career, can still identify the differences between versions of the same operatic pieces.

‘Didn’t you listen to the music at the bars?’War and Peace

‘Didn’t go to many bars. Too busy working and looking after our helicopters.’ I should have guessed: his other passion.

So while I jigged in the aisles, he stood watching the fabulous screen shots, remembering what seems like a long time ago.


If you can see this concert do so. We had a great time and it has memorable music entwined with some strong messages.

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