Smart Girls wear glasses

To my niece the Nerd

My dear little exuberant niece will soon be wearing glasses and

her ditzy older sister is already calling her a nerd.

So I say to her, take that as a complement as I would rather be called a Nerd than a Ditz.

Having a brain and using it is better than merely having a pretty face.

Your Grandfather brought his four girls up to know

that you can always get a pretty face with makeup and surgery,

but you can’t change stupid.

Thus my little niece, focus on the clever successful Nerds.

Remember the quote attributed to Bill Gates,

‘Be nice to Nerds. Chances are you’ll end up working for one.’

Glasses are a powerful weapon.

Just watch how Meryl Streep uses her glasses in The Devil wears Prada. Never underestimate the haughty effect of looking at someone over your glasses.

Glasses are fun and so sexy.

Watch Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s play with her glasses and you will have every boy in the neighbourhood chasing you.

Start you own Pinterest board of successful people who wear glasses.

Pin yourself and your family and friends. Add people you admire. Make it mixed, old and young, boys and girls, all professions.

‘Happiness is being a nerd’.

 Remember your fantastic brilliant mummy wears glasses

Set up a Pinterest board

for smart people wearing glasses and add your own picture.

So here’s to all the great and successful Nerds who wear glasses.


This is a call to all my friends to send me a photo of someone they admire who wears glasses.

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