A new kitchen and another connection to tie me down.

What do you think about when you are awake in the middle of the night? For me, it was the happy exercise of how to renovate my house in which I hadn’t lived for 5 years and what to plant in the very neglected garden. I don’t think I ever got to finish these thoughts before I would go to sleep.

This is the kitchen which had many happy meals prepared in it. Note of course the vegemite jar.

Now, back in Brisbane, those dreams are becoming a reality. It wasn’t a grotty kitchen just tired and showing its 15 years.

Well the planning and installation of that new kitchen are almost finished, just awaiting a couple of pieces of glass on the splash back to complete the glamorous version of my dreams. I was amazed at how quickly a kitchen can be dismantled. I had over 5 workmen, including electricians and plumbers pulling out cupboards and sink.

Removing the kitchen cupboards

This is the image of all these fellows beavering away.One day to pull it out, one day to put the frame in, and then a wait for 2 weeks before the doors and drawers were installed.

The dislocation and irritation of having to wash out of a tub in the bathroom, and have the food and groceries sitting on every available horizontal surface for a fortnight was minor in the scale of things. To add to the mess, we also pulled down the wall surrounding the stairwell and had the sideboard and pine kitchen table resurfaced.

Just occasionally a small niggling thought crept into my mind that Andy believes if he gives me a lovely kitchen it will induce me to stay in Brisbane. Not that he would admit this of course, as he just says that ‘a good cook deserves a decent workplace’. Cunning and perhaps he reckons it is worth the investment. I think this is emotional blackmail although I acknowledge that the Zug induction cook-top and steam oven are fabulous pieces of equipment and a pleasure to use.

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